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OXFORD Series 5000 Packaged X-Ray tube

Oxford Instrument’s series 5000 is a highly popular and proven side window x-ray tube.
Currently in use for many industrial applications, the 5000 series features an electron gun
assembly packaged in a stainless steel lead-lined tube with a choice of mounting flange.
This provides X-Ray shielding to 0.25mR/hr at 2 inches. The tube is filled with an Oxford
designed cooling oil that maximizes heat dissipation. The package can be supplied with a
high voltage well connector or air excluding connector and a triax connector for the filament
supply. The tube is to be operated in a positive anode mode with the filament
grounded. The standard exit window is 0.005 inch Be.
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Anode current 0 to 1.0 mA
Anode (target) voltage 4Kv to 50Kv
Maximum power 50 watts continuous
Filament V/I 2.0V / 1.7 A @ 50W
Cone irradiation angle Approx. 24 degrees
Stability 0.2% over 4 hours
Focal spot size 70 μm: (L+W)/2
Anode W, 12 degree
Exit window Be: 125 μm
Dimensions 163.4 mm length by 69.8
mm diameter
weight 4 lbs (1816 grams)
Cooling method Forced air
Qty 1-5 Qty 6 – 20 Qty 21-50 Qty 51-100 Qty 101- Qty 250+
$3269 $2850 $2690 $2532 $2375 $2215
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Warning: This device produces radiation through the enclosure
(<0.5MR/Hr) as well as the exit port. Use only in a shielded apparatus.
Focal spot

Micro Focus X-Ray Open Tube

X-Ray Tube: Opened Tube
• Tube Voltage (KV): 30KV to 150KV; Up to 200KV are available
• Tube Current (mA): 0.01 to 1mA
• Type Of X-Ray Tube : Transmissive
• Cone Beam: ≈ ≈≈ ≈ 170 º
• Operation: Continuous
• Target Material: Tungsten
• Max. Tube Power: 60W
• Max. Target Power: 10W
• Min. Focal Spot Size: 3um
• Min. Detail Detectability: <3um
• Min. Focus-to –Object Distance (FOD): 0.22mm -0.25mm
• Geo Magnification: ≈ ≈≈ ≈ 2,800X
• Filament Type: Change Tungsten Filament Module
• X-Ray Tube Controller System: USB to PC
• PC Software OS: Windows XP
• Life Spend: Unlimited

Having produced micron-level focal spots, the X-ray tube is measure and calibrate
the image resolution by two methods: a scanning densitometer or a zone plate.
The scanning densitometer method evaluates the edge of an object in an X-ray
image. Scanning the edge produces an optical density curve for a black-to-white
transition or vice versa.
Similar way to how you estimate the rise time of an electrical edge. As an example,
what designers call Klasen's method determines U by using 68% of the overall
transition to set the points of maximum and minimum image density. Other rules
can take 75%, or use a mean tangent to the curve to establish intersects with
maximum and minimum density.
Focal Spot Resolution Calibrate…
European Standard EN 12543-5:1999

Petrick X-Ray Tube

Petrick X-Ray Tube

X-Ray Emitter „Vari-Standard“
0.080 MSFF24

1. Geometry: according assembly drawing
2. Type of operating: DC
3. Max. operating voltage: max. 60 kV (but just max. approvable voltage of tube)
4. Long-term capacity rating: depending on type of tube
5. Max. housing temperature: 55°C
6. Leakage radiation: < 2,0 µSv/h at 50mm (50kV, 1000µA)
7. Weight: 3.000 g
Emitter housing:
The X-ray emitter made of brass is used as protection housing for small fixed-anode X-ray tubes from
Petrick GmbH and is completely free of lead-parts.
To avoid overheating of the emitter, a temperature limiter is integrated, which is daisy-chained to the
cathode heating.
When achieving max. housing temperature, the temperature limiter turns off the heating of the tube.
Applied insulating materials allow an anode voltage of 60 kV DC.
Adiaphragm system for compensation of oil extension protects the emitter against flashovers in any
position, because no air bubble is located inside.
Applied insulating oil is specially prepared und filled in under vacuum.
Applicable X-ray tubes:
Tubes with various focal spots, different anode materials and different radiation emission-windows
(100µ und 200µ).
Tube heating:
Tube heating is connected by a 4-pole female connector.
If tube has grid control and shall work with, the joint between black and brown wire of the provided
heating-cable has to be ripped and the necessary grid voltage to be supplied between black (-) and
brown (+) wire. The tube never has to be operated with open grid connection.
Heating data depend on the applied type of tube.
High voltage connection:
High voltage connection results from an optional available high voltage-cable with UHF-plug 5/8-24
UNEF screwing.
Necessarily the connection has to be protected against impurity and humidity by the protection cap,
which is included in delivery. High voltage-cable has to be cleaned if necessary and the dry surface to
be fine coated with Silicone Paste P4 (available from us) before installation.
HV-cables and heating-cables are optional available in customized length.