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Beryllium Window 铍窗



Beryllium Window 

nOur main products include beryllium foil to steel brazing,
nBeryllium to oxygen-free copper brazing,
nX ray transmission target design,
nSapphire to metal brazing,
nCeramics to metal brazing
nAnd detector window
nDesign and full solutions. 

 Beamtek Beryllium Window For Synchrotron Radiation

▪   Vacuum-tight windows can be used to isolate an ultrahigh vacuum (UHV) synchrotron beamline from the equipment of an experimenter operating in a non-UHV environment. A thin beryllium plate mounted on a vacuum flange can be used as a high transmission window/filter for experimenters using synchrotron radiation in the X-ray region.



Beamtek Beryllium Window

High transmissivity to x-rays.
High melting point.
High thermal conductivity.
Low electrical resistivity.
Very low specific heat at cryogenic temperatures.
Very high specific heat at normal and elevated temperatures.
Very low neutron capture cross section.